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Valtti Color Extra-Semi Gloss Woodstain

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Valtti Color Extra - Semi-gloss solventborne high build wood stain

Wood finish for use on exterior wood. Available in many attractive colours. Valtti Color Extra enhances the natural beauty of wood whilst offering good water repellency, flexibility, durability and protection against the effects of moisture and UV-light. Do not use Valtti Color Extra for any other purposes than those indicated in the instructions for use.
Product features

Valtti Color Extra is a semi-gloss, high build solventborne translucent wood finish. Extra has excellent application and film forming properties and once dry provides protection from moisture and UV.

Recommended uses
Weather-boarding, doors, windows, facias, fencing, etc. Sawn and planed wood surfaces, impregnated as well as thermally treated wood surfaces outdoors according to instructions

The paint is suitable for exterior walls The paint is glossy The paint is solvent-borne Tool: spray Tool: brush
The coverage of the paint on rough surfaces
The coverage of the paint on smooth surfaces
Base paints
Colour Range
Tikkurila Valtti Colour Card. All shades can be mixed together or lightened bright with Valtti Color Extra clear.
Gloss grade
Smooth wood: 8-12 m2/litre per coat. Sawn wood: 4-8 m2/litre per coat. Actual spreading rates will depend upon many factors including texture, porosity and moisture content of the substrate.
Can sizes
0.9 l, 2.7 l, 9 l and 18 l
Alkyd thinner 2010
Application method
Brush or spray.
For airless spray: use a 0.009” – 0.013” (0.23 – 0.33mm) spray tip.

Thinning: Alkyd Thinner 2010

Drying time at 23°C and 50% relative air humidity
Recoatable after 24 hours
Solids volume
approx. 50%, depending upon the colour.
0.9 kg/l (ISO 2811)
Unaffected either by cold storage or transportation. Close an opened can carefully. Use the content during the same painting season as the product features may change in partly used can.
Product code

Application conditions
All surfaces to be painted must be dry, the moisture content of the wood below 20%, the temperature of the air at least +5 °C, and the relative humidity of the air below 80%.
Untreated wood surfaces:
Clean the surface from dirt, dust and loose material with steel or scrubbing brush. Wash mould off with Tikkurila Mould Removal or Tehopesu Super Clean according to instructions. A priming coat of Valtti Pohjuste priming oil should be applied in as early construction phase as possible. Protect plants from splashes of Valtti Pohjuste.

Previously with a transparent product treated wood surfaces:
Remove all loose material and greyed flaking layers with a scraper and/or steel brush. Clean the surface and wash with Tikkurila Mould Removal or Tehopesu Super Clean, if needed. If a clear, possibly gloss film remains on the surface, remove it or at least sand it thoroughly. Protect plants from splashes of Valtti Color Extra.
For sealing the window pane and window frame interface, use good quality non-setting glazing compounds, which form a protective skin, in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Particular attention with regards to preparation should be given to wood such as Oak, Teak, Cedar, Douglas Fir, Mahogany and Idigbo, etc., which contain oil and water-soluble tannin which may impair the drying, hardening or adhesion of surface coatings.
Reserve enough tinted Valtti Color Extra for one uniform surface mixed in one container in order to avoid possible colour differences. Stir thoroughly before use. Apply Valtti Color Extra evenly and without interruption to avoid overlapping. Use brush especially in the first application. If you use spray, the surface should be finalized with a brush. Apply liberally on end-grain. On spray application protect other surfaces from splashes.Apply 2 coats depending on the desired colour intensity. Always use a tinted product on untreated new wood surfaces. Observe the condition of the surface and perform maintenance treatment when needed. The location, cardinal directions and weathering have influence on the maintenance interval.
Cleaning of tools
Clean immediately after use with Tikkurila Tool Cleaner or White Spirit 1050.
Maintenance instructions
Handle the surface with care, ultimate durability and hardness is reached in approx. 4
weeks under normal circumstances. If cleansing is needed, use a soft brush, a mop or a
damp cleaning cloth.
Maintenance treatment
After 1 month from painting a soiled surface can be cleansed with Huoltopesu (1 part of Huoltopesu to 10 parts of water). Clean stains and dirty surfaces with a mix of Huoltopesu and water (1:1). Rinse well and allow to dry.
EU VOC 2004/42/EC-limit value
(cat A/e) 400g/l(2010)
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