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Unica Special Alkyd Wood/Metal Enamel

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Unica Special Alkyd Paint

Special alkyd enamel
Product features

For interior and exterior painting of metal and wooden furniture. Suitable also on several plastic surfaces such as fiberglass and plastic boats (surfaces above the water line). See instructions.

Recommended uses
Furniture, machinery, vehicles, boats, tools etc.

The paint is semi-gloss The paint is solvent-borne Tool: roller Tool: spray Tool: brush
The coverage of the paint on rough surfaces
The coverage of the paint on smooth surfaces
Base paints
A and C
Colour Range
Tikkurila Symphony 2436 colour card, Feel the Colour and Feelings chips.
Gloss grade

10-12m2/litre per coat for smooth wooden surfaces. 12-14m2/litre per coat for metal and plastic surfaces.

Can sizes
Base paints 0.225 l, 0.9 l, 2.7 l, 9 l.
Standard colour Aluminium available in 1/3 l, 1 l, 10 l cans.
White Spirit 1050 and Spray Thinner 1032
Application method

Thinner: White Spirit 1050 or Spray Thinner 1032

Methods: brush, short pile roller or spray.

For airless spray: use a 0.009” – 0.013” (0.230 – 0.330mm) spray tip and thin by

5-20 vol-% with Spray Thinner 1032.

For conventional spray: use a 1.4mm – 1.8mm fluid nozzle and thin by 25-35 vol-% with Spray Thinner 1032 (DIN4 18-25 s).

Note: When applying Unica Special Alkyd Paint by spray the dry paint film should not exceed 40µm.

Drying time at 23°C and 50% relative air humidity
Dust-dry after 2 hours and recoatable after 16 hours.
Wash resistance
Good with normal detergents (SFS 3755)
Heat resistance
120°C, light shades may yellow slightly at temperatures >80°C, ISO 4211-3.
Chemical resistance
Withstands cleaning detergents, mild alkalines and mild acids. Withstands turpentine, white spirit and denatured alcohol. Does not withstand e.g. thinner.
Withstands lubricating oils and greases. Splashes of fuel to be wiped off immediately.
Solids volume
approx. 42 %
Density: 0.9 – 1.2 kg/l, depending upon the colour, ISO 2811
Withstands cold storage and transportation.

Application conditions
All surfaces to be painted must be dry, the temperature of the air at least +5°C, and the relative humidity of the air below 80%.
Unpainted surfaces:
Clean surfaces from dirt, dust, grease and oil. Remove possible white rust from galvanized surface by brushing. Clean plastic surface with a solvent, e.g. Thinner 1029 or other denatured ethanol. Sand the surface and dust off. Due to the various qualities of plastic the effect of solvent and adhesion of the paint should be tested prior to painting the whole surface. Prime wood surfaces with Jehu or Otex. Prime metal surfaces with Rostex Super anticorrosion primer. Aluminium surfaces are roughened prior to priming.

Previously painted surfaces:
Wash down with Maalipesu detergent and rinse carefully with water. Remove loose paint with a scraper and sand the whole surface. Dust off. Fill holes and cracks with Lacquer Putty. Sand filled spots and dust off. For worn out wood surfaces apply Jehu or Otex and for metal surfaces Rostex Super anticorrosion primer as an undercoat.

When you paint with bright red, yellow or orange colour, prime wood surfaces with Jehu or Otex tinted to the same colour. Zinc-coated, aluminium and steel surfaces should be primed with Rostex Super, light grey.
Stir the paint thoroughly and thin if necessary with White Spirit 1050 in brush application and with Spray Thinner 1032 in spray application. Apply one or two coats by brush, roller or spray.
Cleaning of tools
Clean tools immediately after use with White Spirit 1050 or Tikkurila Tool Cleaner.
Maintenance instructions
Not earlier than 1 month after treatment: Clean the surface with neutral cleaning agent
(pH 6-8) using smooth brush, sponge or cleaning cloth. Clean very dirty surfaces with lightly alkalic cleaning agent (pH 8-10) using e,g, cleaning cloth, mop or sponge. Rinse the surface carefully with water.

The surface achieves its final hardness and durability after approx.1 month under normal conditions, therefore the surface should be handled with care during that time.
If the surface has to be cleaned soon after treatment, use smooth brush, damp cleaning cloth or mop.

according to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008
Contains: Hydrocarbons, C9-C12, n-alkanes, isoalkanes, cyclics, aromatics (2-25%) FLAMMABLE. HARMFUL TO AQUATIC ORGANISMS, MAY CAUSE LONG-TERM ADVERSE EFFECTS IN THE AQUATIC ENVIRONMENT. Do not breathe vapour/spray. Use only in well-ventilated areas. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label. Do not empty into drains. Keep out of the reach of children. Contains ethylmethylketoxime and cobolt octoate. May produce an allergic reaction. A Safety Data Sheet is available on request.
Safety data sheet
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